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Video and Digital Marketing

Are you looking for an effective way of promoting your business online?

Did you know that video marketing has taken online marketing to the next level by its power?

They say ‘a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video can very well be worth ten thousand sales. Online video marketing is the ultimate formula these days used to promote everything. Here’s how:


Firstly, a video makes your product or service reachable and attractive due to visual effects and hence increases the organic traffic by 160% from Search Engines.


Secondly, using a video for the promotion of your products and services increases your ratings substantially. Plus, it increases the chances of your product or service to appear on the first page of google by almost 55%.


Thirdly, Potential customers prefer watching videos of what you have to offer instead of reading about it. 4 out of 5 consumers would watch a video about products or service than read about it.

And finally, 40 out of 100 consumers state that they would prefer purchasing the product or service after watching the video on their mobile device!


Every company spends on marketing via print, web, TV commercials, billboards etc. while the website has become the most significant part of their ad message. Still, some of them tend to lose potential customers.


Want to know why? Because they chose text over visualization and people don’t have the time or patience to read their comprehensive details in today’s internet era. Instead, they prefer to watch a short video that enlists details about the company’s profile and its products, services or operations.

So, WestPoint has come forward to solve the issue for you by making enthralling and captivating videos for whatever you would like to promote at supremely affordable rates.


We can help you enhance your business by making a professional video about your products and services with the help of professional actors, attention-grabbing graphics as well as motivating scripts which will call your potential customers to action. Also, our team of professionals will make your video appear on the top of the search engines so that maximum people can reach it.

We offer 

Product Sales Ad video
Website Presentation
Logo Video Animation
Online Shopping Presentation
Typographic Videos
Holiday Ad Videos
Company Introduction
Events video
Explainer Videos
Youtube Promotion Video
Restaurant Menu Promotion
Video Promotion
Real Estate Gallery Video
Book Videos 
Digital Corporate Slideshow
App promo
Music Visualizer Videos
Pharmaceutical Promo Videos
All Kinds of Slide Shows
Corporate Presentation
White Board Animation Video


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